Ovation Health & Life Services provides and manages benefit programs for businesses and public sector groups. We’ve created a model where we engage our clients, where the ultimate decision about working with Ovation isn’t about the product and the price, it’s about the client experience.

Small businesses (under 50 employees) typically cannot afford or may not have a Human Resource manager. Maintaining a benefits program is a drain on the management, pulling resources and time away from their core business objectives. Ovation acts as an HR extension, designing and managing benefit programs, coordinating employee enrollments, handling employee benefit issues, and providing HR resources and documents.

For larger clients, those with 51 or more enrolled in the health plan, Ovation offers and manages core, ancillary and supplemental insurance programs. Our product offerings, employee education process, and enrollment services not only enhance the core benefit offerings, but saves the client actual dollars recognized through reduced costs of managing benefits enrollments, including labor and printing costs. We offer these clients customized enrollment solutions, dependent eligibility audits and custom printed employee benefit books at no cost also.

Ovation is dedicated to reducing an employer’s costs and simplifying the management processes associated with providing a complete benefits program. We accomplish this by providing quality insurance programs, employee education, and complete benefit enrollment systems.